Who we are?

About us

Caring with passion

Vision 1 care services is dedicated to provide the finest general, personalized and family care with compassion. We believe everyone, no matter what their age, color or beliefs, deserve to have their needs met with understanding and compassion and to feel cared for, loved and looked after.

Our story

Vision 1 Care Services founded in 2017 by Mr.Lukas, Vision 1 Care has always been a family-run care agency, which is why we understand why looking after your loved ones is extremely important. Healthcare shouldn’t come at a high cost, that is why we offer highly competitive, negotiable, clear rates to all our clients and offer reviews on contracts and pricing regularly to suit your needs. We believe that home is where the heart is, and your home is where you feel most comfortable. It’s a place you can relax and feel at ease, something a care facility cannot replicate.

Meet some of our team

Why us?

Vision & Mission

We are committed to offer exceptional services to all our clients. This includes personalized care service and handling our clients as our priority

We understand that the key means that enables us to deliver home care to the highest standard is the quality of our people. Therefore we ensure that we employ care staff who share the same values, ethics and approach to care as us, so that there is consistency from the core of our organization all the way through to the front line services we deliver. After passing our stringent selection criteria, the staff we employ are treated with respect, kindness and support and are encouraged to self-develop, enabling Vision 1 Services to have at its disposal a highly motivated and happy care team with unparalleled levels of employee retention. This in turn promotes excellence in our care service which ensures high levels of satisfaction from those we care for.

These are our pillars of performance. With vast experience in care & nursing units, we base our exceptional services within this reach

Vision 1 services have richly invested in prime facilities that portrays a world class standard of care services. This is from the environment, to beddings, to kitchen, to furnishing

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